Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wireless Danse Macarbe

Isn't it a shame about Rush Limbaugh? His slow descent into madness is sadly the stuff of advertising revenue and commercial exploitation. I would be outraged over what he says, but clearly he's no longer responsible for his words or actions.

We all froth with outrage and stinging rebuttals for his deluded fantasies; but seriously folks, it's not worth it. All he has to offer is hate--hatred and fear.

In some ways I could even pity him, surround by sycophants and cads who reaffirm his delusions so he will keep saying them and advertising money will flow into their coffers. They high-five him after each show and say, "Great work, Rush--you sure told them!" But in their minds they think only of him as ratings gold, the ass who will bray at each goad.

We are witnessing not just the death of newspapers but also the demise of radio. The brain is dead, but the dinosaur carcass doesn't know it yet, as it flops and writhes while slowly expiring.

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