Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hero = Zero

Do you honestly mean to suggest some creeped-out bigoted old man who takes a rifle and shoots up a museum and kills a security guard is some kind of cultural hero?

Are conservatives that desperate for an icon?

Seriously, we're going to open up school textbooks 50 years from now and he's going to be described as some avenging vigilante of justice? At a museum doing him absolutely no harm whatsoever? Killing a security guard who mean't nothing to him?

He is touted as a victim of the Obama administration who finally snapped. Never mind his impoverishment was the result of policies formulated during 12 years of Republican control of Congress. He is now an icon, and icons generate myths.

Yes, we grasp at a thistle of truth and it's nettles pierce our skin with consequences. The Holocaust happened. It must not happen again. Yes, there are those who seek power who deny it happened. So we know them for the moral cowards they are.

In a huge archive in Berlin are countless files and paperwork. We have the names, we have the dates, we have the places and often we have the faces as well. The horrors are better documented than our own Civil War. And that is something we must ensure never happens again either.

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