Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Coin Under the Tongue

You have to step back a little to see just what is happening.

The damage to the Bill of Rights done by Mainers is a sign and symptom of a much greater malady. Fed on religious propaganda, frightened by ludicrous claims of a corrupted educational system teaching "homosexual marriage" by a platinum blonde waving her TV remote to control the needed talking heads. Claims with no truth to them whatsoever.

The Xtian faith is dying. Only weathered bones and rags of flesh remain of their crucified savior, still nailed up on the cross on Golgotha. It's so simple: in their efforts to ensure the second coming of the christ, they've killed him off instead.

Lie. That's all it takes. Lie until your tongue turns black, and then lie some more. The most effective political technique our Xtians have found is to bear false witness, to violate the 8th commandment in the name of Jesus. Take something their Xtian leaders know is not true, and blow it all out of proportion. Sow fear and panic amongst the faithful so they will rush to the voting booths and destroy our basic freedoms and heave a sigh of relief that now two guys can't walk down a street holding hands.

But it's so easy to do that, isn't it? By now the church members will believe anything they're told as long as it comes from the pulpit and has a snippet of bible verse to back it up.

But these injuries are just signs of a huge beast thrashing about in it's death throes and wounding innocent victims as it flails about. Like dinosaurs with their primitive brains, the Xtian faith will take a long time to die, perhaps years.

But the cancer of spiritual rot is slow and sure, vexing and oppressing their fellow men and making miserable the lives of it's faithful--until finally they, too, turn on each other and rend themselves apart. History is certain; we've seen this before.

And so the faithful embrace new religious fads and think they have revived the Xtian faith--only to descend into the dark madness of political tyranny while the graven images of Baal wait, patiently, for their new worshippers....