Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Review

With all the hoopla and noise surrounding the efforts to suppress or outlaw the teaching of Evolution, a summary of the main points would be helpful:

  1. Evolution does not address the origins of life.
    1. Organisms mutate to adapt to changes in their environment.
    2. Thus a new species can arise from existing species.

  2. Evolution does not address the existence of any god.
    1. The existence of a Creator cannot be proven nor disproven using evolution.
    2. Evolution is a mechanism, not an intelligence.

  3. Evolution is not a "religion" within science.
    1. This is a creationist myth:
      1. Creationists call it Darwinism to make it sound like a cult.
    2. Religion operates on faith; Science operates on facts.
    3. Study of Evolution does not require atheism.

  4. Evolution occurs whether we "believe" in it or not.
    1. It is a process occuring in nature.
    2. Evolution was accepted by scientists long before Darwin, but what "triggered" it was not known.
    3. Darwin proposed changes in the environment favored a process of "natural selection."

  5. Darwin did not "invent" evolution; evolution is a natural process.
    1. Discrediting Darwin has no effect on Evolution, nor on Darwin's Theory.

  6. Evolution is a fact; Darwin's theory explains how it works.
    1. "A set of simple statements predicting a broad range of responses."
      1. The Book of Genesis does not qualify as a theory.
        1. Nor does the Gospel of John.

  7. Evolution is widely accepted by the scientific community.
    1. There is no "controversy." (Creationists wish there was.)
    2. There are arguments about how evolution works, but not about it's existence.

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