Monday, September 14, 2009

Seeds of Disaster

Conservatives are so busy sabotaging every little thing Obama does while trying to recreate a utopia that never was that they're ignoring the future.

Forget the projected costs to our economy for taking care of the elderly and other right-wing deceptions. What about our children?

Children growing up without proper healthcare, unable to afford needed checkups and immunizations. Growing up with "pre-existing conditions" that could have been prevented before they were five years old.

Eventually they will have to be covered in some way. Usually through their employers, who will have to pay more for a workforce who will be less healthy than their parents. Memo to employers of all sizes: Your HMO is not your friend. Not when they're fighting healthcare reform over the loss of projected higher profits. Profits extorted from you. Obama is not raising your costs.

Less healthcare when they're children means more--much more--middle-aged and elderly who are less healthy than their parents. The cost to the government will be staggering. This is not voodoo economics healthcare-style but plain common sense: Sickly children = sickly adults = sickly seniors = increased government spending.

There is no yardstick to measure the impact of missing healthcare because the problem will get worse. Sickly people without healthcare will have children, and these children will be even worse off. (Word: epidemics.)

This cuts across all barriers, all classes, all races. People shouting asinine slogans and waving placards blaming Obama for a conservative mess over 20 years in the making are helping no one--not even themselves.

Disputes over access to healthcare are meaningingless when we are faced with no healthcare available. Or even worse, healthcare denied.

The political leaders opposing healthcare reform know this. They have to in order to oppose it for reasons having nothing to do with the common good, reasons having nothing to do with the future of the American people.

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