Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A + B = ?

There are times I think of remaking this blog into one titled "AayPlusBeeEqualsSee."

I have spent my whole life using Critical Thinking. The nice thing about CT is it doesn't require any degrees to know how to use it.

Most CT is simple. I've found a good rule of thumb for critical analysis is A + B = C. Applying this to the statements of people and organizations is very pragmatic.

Take for example the recent mass hysteria about Obama addressing our nation's school kids and "indoctrinating" (their word, not mine) them into being socialists. Or at least planting the seeds of Obama's "socialism" in their minds.

So we have: Obama (A) + Addressing school kids (B) = (C) Socialism.

Since C is made up of A and B combined, inverting this equation shows:

C = A + B, or A = C and B = C. (This is straight Algebra.)

With C = Socialism, socialism--or some form of it--must also present in both Obama (A) and our school kids (B).

A quick examination of both shows neither have anything to do with Socialism: Obama has never espoused Socialism during his political career and to do so in the Oval Office would be worse than foolhardy. (A search of "obama socialism" results in hundreds of entries who claim Obama is socialist but offer little or no reliable evidence. If Conservatives do it, it's "capitalism." If Obama does it, it's "Socialism.")

The idea of our nation's school kids as fertile ground for socialist contamination is not just ridiculous but appallingly ignorant. Children are not socialists from the cradle; they have to be told to share their things. For more on this, see my post Have Faith in Our Young.

In light of this the term "socialism" has no meaning. It is not a menace nor a threat, just a handy label to defame our elected President with.

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