Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things Haven't Changed Much

Obama, Sovern, trustees of Columbia University found guilty.

"On Tuesday, May 18, the jury returned guilty verdicts against Obama, Michael Sovern, who was president of Columbia University during the period of time Obama supposedly attended, and the trustees of Columbia University, on all 17 counts of sedition, conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice."

This was done in a church, the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem. The "trial" was presided over by the pastor,  James David Manning.

I just have to put my head in my hands and ask: Do these people realize what they're doing?

Here is a gen-u-ine, deep south, 1920's kangaroo court convened in New York on a set of obviously trumped-up charges against the POTUS, Barack Obama. Waving the 10th amendent around like a protective banner, they have taken the law into their own hands and reshaped it to suit their prejudices. They definitely prove why we need a rule of law, and a judiciary system to protect us from their organized mass hysteria. I find it very significant this was convened in a church, also proving the need for the separation of church and state.

Let's be clear on this: This is not law, it is persecution. This is not justice, but a vendetta. This is not a trial, but a lynching. They are not heroes; they are vigilantes.
"On Monday, May 24, Manning announced, “We the People spoke,” and said he was assembling a coalition to hand over the verdicts to the judiciary of the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Attorney General.
Manning also noted, specifically for Sovern and Columbia University, he will be submitting to the New York State Bar, New York Attorney General, New York State Regents and Atlantic Schools Accreditation a demand that their license to operate an educational institution be revoked.
“Perhaps their first response will be to defend and reject."

What are they going to do when they're simply ignored? Saddle up, don white hoods, carry ropes and then gallop onto the White House, waving burning torches?


Maybe I giving this more credence than it deserves. Dr. Manning's website is looney-tunes. The first thing you see is a baptist minister dressed like the pope--it's all about the incredible and wonderful Dr. Manning. When you read his credo and plan of action it's clear he's "directed by God" to create an ant-like theocratic state. That's what I get for not checking stuff before posting my opinion.

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