Friday, December 11, 2009

Elements of Hope

Once the outrage over the ridiculous statements and claims of the irrationalists and obsequious co-religionists has cooled, it's possible to step back to look things overand find some measure of hope.

We cannot truly address their stupidity, delusions nor willful ignorance. These are decisions the creationists and co-religionists have made, and they will never change them. The best focus of our free-thought is the ever-expanding frontiers of physics, biology and psychology.

But we may take solace in how the Internet is enabling our erstwhile opponents to not only shoot themselves in the foot, but also to reload and do it repeatedly.

The greatest mistake the irrationals have made is to forsake secrecy, to seek external validation, to parade their cause before an amused world.

The Internet provides us with the means to see how truly insane they are, to watch them do and say the same things over and over again while they expect different results.

This self-exposure, (while satisfying their need for persecution as a form of validation), has done them more harm than any possible good they could wring from it. Their "good-old-boy" networks are illuminated in all their smarmy operation: their intentions to divide and conquer, to paralyze our system of government through bribery and coercion, to segregate and oppress people of our many cultures, to rape and to kill as their passions suit them, to enslave women and children for the greater glory of their dietyall, all are fully revealed.

The greatest threat we have now to our society, our cultureour very civilizationis once more the irrationals scurry back into hiding, withdraw from the public eye and turn their churches once more into little hells on earth.

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