Monday, April 20, 2009

Gensis in the Classroom


So picture this:

SCENE: It's a high-school classroom-- could be in Texas, could be in Ohio, or any place the fundies forced ID on the student body--and it's first-year Biology. Teacher walks in:

ap Morgen: OK, class, listen up. Stevens! Put the DS1 away! Our subject today is Intelligent Design.

Class groans.

Vicki: Creation again? We've heard that so many times.

Vince: Yeah, every sunday school!

Stu: C'mon, Teach--isn't that a myth anyway? I thought we were doing science?

ap Morgen: According to the school board ID is a valid scientific theory.

Kathy: Since when? If it's science, why do the fundies in the school board have to cram it down our throats?

Stevens: I mean, what's the deal? God played with some mud and BOOM! we're here? I didn't believe that even when I was a kid.

Clark: I know! Let's do a class experiment with some clay and see if we can make a human.


Stu: Hey, Walker! You were telling us about some website that had biblical Hebrew and something about the "mist" in Genesis was actually "semen"?

Walker, hiding his face behind his text book, turns beet red.

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