Friday, September 12, 2008

"Step Away From the Mouse..."

BEFORE you do any typesetting proofread the script. Yes, chances are it's been proofread by someone else--but whoever proofed it is not the one typesetting it. 
  • Ending punctuation. If it ain't there, put it there.
  • If a sentence begins with Who, What, Where, Why, When, Did, Have, Has, Could, Would, Can, Will, Won't or How it must end with a "?"
  • Find out if your scanlation group wants "!?" or "?!" used.
  • Search and replace ellipses 1: So you have either "..." or "......"
  • Search and replace ellipses 2: Get rid of the MS-Word "..." that's one unit instead of 3 dots. Fonts such as Wild Words don't have that character.
  • Make sure all names are spelled the same throughout the script.

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